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About Us

Building on a family tradition for generations to come
     When Howard W. Huttenlocher founded the H.W. Huttenlocher Agency in 1918, he did more than establish an independent insurance agency to service the needs of individuals and businesses in his community. He began a tradition of caring for clients with an uncompromising level of honesty and integrity. Howard Huttenlocher was committed to investing in knowledgeable staff, giving honest assessment of his clients' insurance needs, and delivering quality products and excellent service. As a result, his business became known in the community as the independent insurance agency to trust.

     Two generations later, his legacy lives on. From his sons to his grandsons, the Huttenlocher family has owned and managed the agency with the same committment to honesty and integrity for more than 80 years. At the helm today, David P. and James M. Huttenlocher are dedicated to upholding the standards set by their grandfather and fathers before them. Passionate about continuing the family tradition of uncompromising service, they are the next generation of trusted insurance professionals.

Honest assessment of our client's needs

     The Huttenlocher Group is known for offering honest assessments of our clients' needs. We don't simply sell products; we offer what is right for you, your family, your business. It is our mission to understand your particular needs and suggest the appropriate products to meet those needs. As an independent insurance agency, we represent a carefully selected group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies and we place policies with the company offering the optimum coverage at the most competitive price

Service like no other agency provides

     The Huttenlocher Group is interested in nurturing life-long relationships with our clients that result in long-term benefits for both of us. With decades of experience in the insurance industry, we know what it takes to provide you with the best possible coverage and the information you need to make the right decisions. With each proposal we submit, we include a plan of service designed to meet your particular needs, and we commit ourselves to delivering that servce without fail. As your trusted insurance partner, we want to do more than meet your expectations for exceptional customer service, we want to exceed them. You have our promise that we will.

The HG Way

     Our history, honesty, integrity, and committment to service have led us to the development of an agency philosphy, the HG Way. The HG Way encompasses our approach to insurance and your risk management portfolio. Click here to learn more about The HG Way.

Why the picture of dead trees?

     You may have noticed that the picture on our home page appears to be old, dead trees. Quite the contrary, these are bristlecone pine trees which are one of nature's longest living creations. With the potential to live over 4,000 years, this deep rooted hardwood tree can weather any storm and adapt easily to an ever changing environment. The tree's curling trunk climbs to uniquely twisted branches that provide a canopy of protection for those who take refuge under it.

In a similar way, The Huttenlocher Group has roots that run deep within the community that we have served for more than 80 years, giving life to long-lasting relationships with generations of clients. As a close-knit, family owned business we are positioned to provide our clients with the best protection for all interests and investments today and for years to come.
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