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Cyber Liability Quotations

Cyber Liability application

Cyber Liability Information

Cyber Liability refers to a business's exposure for loss of privacy and private information, intellectual, property infringement, and virus transmission to name a few.  Whether it is a lost laptop with customer information, a rogue employee selling private information, or a hacker breaking into your database through website or e-mail the cost of a breach or loss can be devastating. Estimates range from $200 to $300 per lost/stolen record to cover expenses such as client notification, credit monitoring, and fines imposed. There is also the cost of the inevitable lawsuit and lost revenues to your business.

In response to the waive of incidents and concerns the insurance industry has developed a form that will help protect your business. A Cyber Liability policy provides coverage for....

  • Defense and settlement of claims alleging breach of privacy, unauthorized access and failure of network security

            Example - An employee steals and sells customer information such as credit card and social security numbers

            Example - A laptop containing private client information is lost or stolen

  • Defense and settlement of claims alleging intellectual property infringement, wrongful publication, libel or slander

            Example - Medical or other personal client information is accidentally published on your website.

            Example - Private information in your client database is accidentally made available through your website

  • Pay the costs and fines associated with a claim

             Example -  Regulations require each affected client is notified and provided credit monitoring at the cost 
            of $250 per file

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